Paper Submission Information for Journals:

  • Metropolitan Journal of Social and Educational Research(MJSER)
  • Metropolitan Journal of Science and Technology(MJST)
  • Metropolitan Journal of Environmental and Health Research(MJEHR)
  • Metropolitan Journal of Business and Economics(MJBE)


How I can submit a manuscript to MIU Journals?
You can submit your manuscript by email in the following emails:



  • Submissions may not be considered for publication elsewhere at any time during the review period
  • Authors will be required to suggest two potential Reviewers for all new manuscript submissions.

What papers can I submit to MIU Journals?
In our journals you can submit the following types of manuscripts:

  • Original, unpublished papers
  • Extended and enhanced versions of papers presented at conferences
  • Book review
  • Letter to the Editor

How many papers I can submit in one issue?
Only one paper can be submitted for publication in a single issue as the first author and one paper as co/author.

What is the page limit for paper submission?
Preferred papers must be 4000-6000 words maximum including tables and references. The abstract should not exceed 200 words.

Is possible to submit a paper that exceeds the 6000 words?
Yes, there is no limit, you can submit papers that exceed 6000 words but unnecessarily lengthy manuscripts have less chance of being accepted.

In which format I should submit the manuscript?
The initial paper can be submitted as an MS Word file. Your final paper (text and embedded figures) must be sent in MS Word Document.

Can I submit a paper in any language?
No, papers must be written in English. The title, abstract and keywords should be written only in English.

Is there any structure specified for papers submitted in Sciendo by DeGruyter Journals?
Each article must contain the following sections:

  • Title,
  • Author
  • Information,
  • Abstract (The abstract should include: The object of the study, aims and scope, describe the methods employed, and summarize results and primary conclusions. Less than 200 words)
  • Key Words,
  • Introduction,
  • Body, (Recommended to include in Body: Literature review, Research methods, Analysis result, Discussion)
  • Conclusion
  • References

Can I check my final paper before printing?
Authors will receive a PDF file of the full journal for proof (read) before printing. Please pay attention to any details especially to the equations, tables, and graphics. After noting any errors and indicating the corrections to be made, please send your comments within 4 days.

What is the policy regarding plagiarism cases?
We have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. If a paper submitted has been plagiarized in whole or in part, the paper will be rejected and the author(s) will be prohibited from submitting papers in our journals in the future.